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The Autumn Glen

"Consumed by fire, never seen by the cool light of dawn, nor the cold darkness of dusk, hidden by the cover of thick woods and lush vegetation, void of any habitual nature, lies a town by the name of The Autumn Glen."

The Autumn Glen is a surreal first person narrative exploration game that tells the short tale of a man, his brother, and two strangers.

Controls (Default):

* Move - (W,A,S,D) or (ARROW KEYS)

* Look - (MOUSE)

* Interact - (F)

* Crouch - (C) or (LEFT CTRL)

* Jump - (SPACE)

* Get Though - (G)

* Run - (LEFT SHIFT))

* Zoom - (Z)

* Inspect - (RIGHT CLICK)

* Lean Left - (Q)

* Lean Right - (E)

* Shoot - (LEFT CLICK)

* Reset Scene - (END)


Music by Garcia Jr. at http://soundscrate.com/drama.html

licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License


Install instructions

1.) Download.

2.) Unzip.

3.) Run application.

4.) Have fun and enjoy.


The Autumn Glen (v1.0.1) - LINUX.zip 219 MB
The Autumn Glen (v1.0.1) - MAC.zip 220 MB
The Autumn Glen (v1.0.1) - WINDOWS.zip 239 MB


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Really nice little project. Had a quick play and a run around.

Beautifully written and interesting dialogue. Kind of saw the ending coming, but it's interesting to see to inner workings of a writer's head!

I did a let's Play on me and my wife's channel here!

Thanks so much for an amazing game!

This is very beautiful! At the same time, I was very impatient.

I think I tracked a bug when reading the first note after reading the we're closed sign in town. And the throwing-away of the gun at the beginning of course.